Refugees at risk to refugees as an international risk: Conference

Invited by the University of Saint Louis to pursue work as a Visiting Research Fellow in International Refugee Law, our co-founder and Director Rosário Frada participated in a day-long workshop on International Refugee Law alongside admirable experts in the field in April 2023.


These included Professor James Hathaway and Professor Petra Molnar, who HOM admires for their groundbreaking research, participation in international debates, field work and multidisciplinary approach to refugee protection and human rights. 
In presenting her findings on refugee identities and how they navigate through today’s ineffective asylum system, Rosário presented HOM’s work, namely the award-winning project “Breaking Borders Through Art”, in which refugees were invited to determine their own representations of the realities of forced displacement. 
We couldn’t be prouder of having had the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations not only with other speakers but with the inspiring community of Saint Louis.