About US

Who we are

  • Humanity On the Move (HOM) is a non-profit association and, above all, a community without territorial, psychological, emotional, unfounded and illogical barriers. Its mission is to promote, on a regular basis, a more rightful and supportive world towards refugees and asylum seekers, based on the dignity of the human person. HOM arises from the need to move towards a humanity across borders, with bridges instead of walls, and closer to a common home.
  • HOM already counts with the participation of 21 young portuguese people who, looking at the world around them, realize that inertia is not a solution. Graduated (or graduating) in various areas, including medicine, pharmaceutical sciences, management, design, and journalism, united, they merge and enhance their knowledge, skills, personalities, personal experiences and motivations, on behalf of a world in which there is respect for human dignity, where the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is enforced and where justice resonates.
Carminho Diogo

Our History

  • This project began when Europeans For Humanity, a transnational, non-profit movement to which HOM is very dear and grateful, recruited volunteers in Portugal to collaborate in favor of the rights of refugees and asylum seekers.This recruitment resulted in a group of the most varied people from different backgrounds, but who shared the same motivations, values, and purpose.


  • On December 14th, 2020, they met for the first time. On January 31st, 2021, thanks to the collaboration and mutual help of all, HOM was born, based in Covilhã, municipality of Castelo Branco, Portugal.


  • On April 19, 2021, HOM, officially became a non-profit association, for an indefinite period of time, registered at the Conservatória do Registo Predial, Comercial e Automóvel of Covilhã, with the presence of the three founding members on this constitutional act.


  • We want to be a platform that amplifies the voice of refugees and asylum seekers, working together with them and not speaking for them – a question of empowering and enabling instead of helping and creating dependency mechanisms


  • We intend to establish a relationship between us, the international community and refugees and asylum seekers, promoting inclusiveness and empathy


  • We want to fight the “White Savor Complex” – a concept that refers to a leukodermic person who acts to help people who are not, but in a context that can be perceived as self-serving


  • We have developed a self-help relationship between members of our association and refugees who are in different European camps, allowing for a better understanding of their living conditions and daily difficulties


  • We desire to create a network between different humanitarian aid associations, in order to facilitate logistics and encourage communication on and off the ground