About US.

HOM – Humanity On the Move Association is a Portuguese-registered non-profit association formally founded in April 2021 in response to the growing hostility towards refugees. HOM recognises the need to move towards a humanity beyond borders to support refugees in rebuilding their lives in our communities.

Our volunteers believe that every individual has the potential of treating refugees with compassion, solidarity and humanity, everywhere and anywhere. Connected by a common belief, our team first gathered in November 2020 to develop projects that drive positive change and a compassionate world. Affecting around 103 million people globally, forced displacement is one of today’s biggest humanitarian issues. We recognise that durable solutions to displacement, including long-term integration, constitute a significant development challenge that requires multidimensional responses focused on addressing the specific needs of displaced populations.

HOM counts with a team of hard-working young people who realize that inertia is not a solution. Volunteers hold divergent expertise and skillsets that are powerfully combined to develop multi-layered projects aiming at raising awareness, unifying and advocating, establishing learning partnerships, and empowering refugees through innovative practices.


HOM is committed to promoting justice and solidarity towards refugees by building and facilitating a positive environment that respects their human rights and encourages social unity.


  • Build positive spaces that enable healing, growth, empowerment, and the establishment of social ties
  • Promote the treatment of refugees with dignity and humanity everywhere, and anywhere, by encouraging solidarity, equality, inclusion, and acceptance
  • Develop advocacy and awareness projects to mobilize public support and attention for the necessity to promote solidarity towards refugees
  • Support refugees and asylum-seekers at a national and international level


We envision a world where refugees and asylum-seekers can enjoy their human rights, no matter their situation. We believe the compassionate potential of every individual is central to the creation of safe spaces and long-lasting relationships that enable an environment where refugees may be welcomed into communities, rebuild their with dignity and flourish.


Dignity, Humanity, Transparency, Authenticity,

Inclusion, Empathy, Solidarity, Collaboration,

Hope and Optimism