our projects.

Covilhã for Iran

Homage in partnership with Iranian activists and Portuguese associations on freedom and change in Iran, through messages from people on the heart of the protests.

Breaking Borders Through Art

BBTA is a project that aims to bring together what art and human rights have in common, bringing together artists with migrants. The artistic products were auctioned and the funds reverted to the NGO ForRefugees.


UNTOLD is a virtual exhibition curated, developed and financed by ASTRO that showcases the 70+ pieces developed in HOM’s Breaking Borders Through Art project.

LIGAR Program

HOM has took part in LIGAR, a training program specialized in non-profit organizations focused on migrants, conducted by Cáritas Portugal. The aim of the project is defined by the organization as “mobilizing partners, capacitating social agents and promoting collaborative work”.


Volunteering 101

HOM conducted a volunteering workshop for students of the University of Beira Interior, developing projects to support forced migrants.

Refugee Week 2022


Celebrating refugees is celebrating the resilience in their journey and their unique perspectives and abilities as individuals. For Refugee Day on June 20th 2022, together with Rethinking Refugees, we organised a very cosy online activity as a means for cultural exchange. Check out our take on the day and the amazing performance from Arash Rafaat.

refugee week

Talks Without Borders


Criminalization of Humanitarian Work was the subject of a round table organized by HOM in partnership with Feira Solidária, from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon.

Miguel Duarte, Dulce Machado and João Antunes were our wonderful guests.

Let’s Talk Ukraine


Almost a month after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, journalist and activist Iryna Matviyishyn joined us for a conversation on her experience as a Ukranian citizen.

Around the World


This series on our blog and social media features political, social and economic issues from countries often times set aside on the news.

Design for Change


HOM was part of a project organised with Design For Change, a international project focused on the empowerment of young people.

This project was one of the five winners in Design For Change’s national competition. The 500€ prize served to provide educational materials to the winning school, Campos Melo, in Covilhã.

0 FUQs

What does it mean to be a refugee? How is the process of finding asylum? How can we help? These answers and more new object of discussion on an online conference with the collaboration of NGO Samos Volunteers and Solidarity Wheels.

Documentary Club

Every month, HOM’s team watches a designated documentary on displacement, followed by an online session where we provide a brief workshop on the matter of the film. Join us through our social media stories!

Ulysses Syndrome


On Mental Health Day, October 10th 2021, dr. Abigail Ribeiro kindly featured on a web session on the Ulysses Syndrome, a stress condition that affects many displaced people.

Untangling the Afghan Conflict

These three conferences analysed the multiple consequences of Taliban’s ruling for divergent groups, elevating the voices of those now repressed by dictatorship. It featured speakers like Sharif, an Afghan from the Hazara ethnicity which is persecuted by the Taliban and Pashtuns, Bruno Neto, from a humanitarian organization, who witnessed the takeover of the Taliban, and Binazir Hosseini, a 17-year-old Afghan who is currently living in Greece.

World Refugee Day

On World Refugee Day, 20th of June 2021, cities and communities all around Europe joined together to remember the victims of the European asylum and migration policy. In Portugal, we joined Humans Before Borders (HuBB) in Porto and Lisbon: some of the names of all those whose lives were lost were read out loud and everybody who joined folded paper boats as a symbol of remembrance.

Warmer Winter



Collection of more than 60 bags and boxes with essentials that were delivered to the Portuguese Refugee Council in collaboration with Humans Before Borders (HuBB).

Pop the Bubble

Pop the Bubble represents a place where talent, creativity, reflections and sharing prevail. We aim to be the bridge that connects our followers to you. We focus on bringing you a diversified portfolio of our follower’s minds, thoughts, values and emotions. This way, we grow together and learn how to value each other. There is value in all of us.

UBI Welcoming Project

The University of Beira Interior (UBI) is hosting two Syrian families under the UNHCR resettlement program. HOM supported with organizing clothes for the families, collecting and distributing goods, accompanying the families through the city and creating a solidary garden.

University of Beira Interior

Born On The Other Side

Photography exhibition by Yousif Alshewaili, an Iraqi refugee who is on the island of Lesvos reporting the inhumane conditions in there – in here, Europe. This exhibition took place in May 2021 at the Faculty of Health of the University of Covilhã. The artworks were auctioned and the value donated to the NGO Choose Love, which works in Greek refugee camps.



Carpe Data





Congresso de Coimbra