Workshop: Captivate, inspire and raise awareness

On the 18th of February 2023, HOM – Humanity on the Move was present at another In4Med – congress organized by medical students of the Faculty of Medicine of Coimbra.


Associates Catarina and António, with the constant support of the entire team that helped with all the preparations, facilitated a workshop in a double session over four hours. The goals were fulfilled – captivate, inspire and raise the awareness of 15 young minds to be able to make a difference in the World.


It was a time of a lot of sharing, reflection and emotions bubbling to the surface. After all that was shared, the feelings of impotence, frustration and outrage were felt in the air, and were seen in the expression of everyone that was present. The truth is that many times we want to see the World through a colorful palette but we need to be prepared for the multiple shades of gray that it gives us. If we want to make a change, change begins and it will always begin inside us


We asked participants to reimagine the concept of refugees, showed that acts of resistance take many forms and looked at climate “refugees” with different sets of eyes.


In the end, the participants were invited to leave a message reflecting on the session and we were so grateful to read the one on the image above: “I won’t close my eyes”.


Thank you, In4Med! The feelings of accomplishment and gratitude for the way you welcomed us are what stays with us and is what we will always bring with and within us.