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As a non-profit association, what moves us forward is our will to make the world a fairer place.

Why support us?

Every donation enables us to work and create projects, raising awareness through innovative initiatives that engage with different members of society and create long lasting human relationships between communities. Education and knowledge are key. We are the youth thinking about the youth, raising awareness, unifying and advocating for a future society without borders.





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HOM relies on donations to support its mission of developing advocacy and awareness projects that promote solidarity and provide support towards refugees and asylum-seekers. Donations are essential for sustaining our work and expanding our impact.

Here’s why your contribution matters:

Sustainability: Your donation will help us maintain the continuity of our advocacy and support programs. It enables us to plan for the long term and make a lasting impact on the lives of refugees.

Scaling impact: With your support, we can expand our reach and engage in larger-scale projects, reaching more refugees and creating a broader awareness about their challenges and contributions.

Empowerment: Your generosity empowers us to provide refugees with the necessary spaces and tools to express their lives with confidence and resilience, educating and establishing meaningful social connections.

Advocacy: Donations fuel our advocacy efforts, enabling us to engage with policymakers and communities to promote policies and attitudes that foster refugee integration and acceptance.


Your donation will be used to fund various initiatives, including education programs, advocacy campaigns, and support other NGO partners and projects that align with our mission.  We prioritize transparency in the allocation of funds to maximize their positive impact.

You can stay informed about HOM’s activities, projects, and success stories by following us on social media, subscribing to our newsletters, and also exclusive updates if you become a donor (file this form). We regularly share updates on the impact of your donations and the progress of our activities. You can also check on our annual report.

While we appreciate your support, at this time, donations are allocated based on priority needs to ensure that we can address the most pressing challenges faced by refugees. Rest assured that your contribution will make a significant difference in the lives of those we serve.

Yes, you can require an invoice of your donation here.

If donations might be an issue for you, but you still want to support us, you can help our mission by volunteering with us, sharing our work on social media, supporting our events and campaigns, or buying some of the items we are selling for activity funds.

At HOM, we deeply appreciate your generosity and commitment to our cause. Making a larger donation is a fantastic way to magnify your impact. To contribute a larger amount, you can:


Online Donations: Visit our website and select a higher donation amount during the donation process.


Direct Bank Transfer: For larger donations, you may choose to make a direct bank transfer. Check our details above, in the yellow box.


Monthly or Yearly Recurring Donations: Consider setting up a recurring donation at a higher frequency (e.g., monthly or yearly). This provides sustained support for our projects. If you wish to do that, please reach us on 

Absolutely, transparency is fundamental to us. We provide regular reports to our donors detailing how their contributions were utilized. These reports include:


Project Updates: We share progress on the specific initiatives your donation supported, including stories, photos, and statistics that demonstrate the impact of your generosity.


Financial Transparency: We provide financial reports that outline how funds were allocated and spent. We are committed to using donations responsibly and efficiently.


Accountability: HOM undergoes financial audits, and we are happy to provide these reports upon request to ensure your confidence in our financial practices.

HOM takes data security seriously. Your data is handled with the utmost care and confidentiality, following the Portuguese Legislation and the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Rights of Personal Data Subjects


We ensure compliance with current privacy and personal data protection legislation and regulations, having organized our processes to provide an effective response to requests for access, retrieval, and consultation of data, as well as updates and changes. You have the right to request data deletion, delivery in a structured and current format when applicable, restriction, objection to processing, and cessation of automated processing of personal data for profile management, in accordance with prevailing legislation.


When and How Personal Data is Transferred


Personal data processed by HOM may be transferred, if required by law, to law entities or to third-party entities, such as courts, official authorities, and national and international partners, to safeguard the interests of data subjects under HOM’s care. In the event that data sharing occurs with third parties outside the European Economic Area, we commit to acting in accordance with the GDPR concerning personal data transfers.


Use, Handling, and Preservation of Personal Data


Personal data is processed through both automatic and manual processes. We employ appropriate means considered proportionate, following a risk and impact assessment on the protection of personal data, to ensure its proper protection and preservation.


Together we can move towards a humanity beyond borders. Together we can create safe spaces where everyone can feel at hom(e).