learning & development

HOM is deeply committed to its volunteers. We wish to support everyone in fulfilling their potential by contributing to their development in and outside the organisation. The following initiatives were created/ joined to enhance expertise and knowledge in human rights and humanitarian work.


LIGAR Program

HOM has took part in LIGAR, a training program specialized in non-profit organizations focused on migrants, conducted by Cáritas Portugal. The aim of the project is defined by the organization as “mobilizing partners, capacitating social agents and promoting collaborative work”.

Documentary Club

Every month, HOM’s team watches a designated documentary on displacement, followed by an online session where we provide a brief workshop on the matter of the film. Join us through our social media stories!

Walking HOM

Filling the goal of creating a positive environment for everyone at HOM’s team, our Human Resources department focuses on organising coaching sessions, team building activities and onboarding processes for volunteers.