#SayTheirName: Covilhã for Iran

On the 17th of November, HOM joined forces with displaced Iranian activists and two organisations – AHBA and AAUBI – to stand by all the women in Iran and across the world and add our voices to theirs in calling for their rights. Two months after Mahsa Amini died in police custody after being detained for not wearing her hijab “appropriately”, we built space for honest dialogue where the words of the Iranian speakers made clear this is one of the largest human rights movement.

One without drones, weapons or bombs. Instead, one that counts with dancing in the streets, exposing hair publicly, and the loud chanting for “woman, life, freedom”. The important words of Iranian speakers showed this is not only about Iran but about the world. Not only about the women of the world but the humanity in the world. Golshifteh Farahani says “revolutions have roots in peoples’ wounds”. This revolution revealed the pain and suffering caused by oppressors in Iran, and we hope that this fight for freedom, combined with forgiveness, will come to heal those wounds in peoples’ hearts and set everyone free.

Messages from Iran

“I am only 17 years old. I was beaten. I was in prison for one crime: asking for freedom. But they cannot stop me. We will take our Iran back”

“I feel guilty for not joining the protest because I fear for my family. I was in a detention centre for 6 months and my family thought I was dead. I do not want to make my family suffer one more time. I am guilty of not helping my country. However, I am praying for my country. I want people to pray for us as well”

“Please tell them we are not like this regime. We hate this regime as well”

“It is the first time I am proud of being Iranian. Because of these people. Because of this new generation. Because they are fearless”

“The situation is horrible here. Any time I go out, I hug my mother. Because I do not know if I will see her once again or not. But we will win. Tell them Iran is going to be free, soon. And they will be able to come to our country freely, and see how beautiful it is”