Volunteering 101:
empowering young minds

HOM conducted a volunteering workshop for students of the University of Beira Interior, developing projects to support forced migrants.

Due to a special invitation, the 27th of September was marked by HOM’s participation in “Voluntariado 101”, an event about volunteering organised by students from the University of Beira Interior. The main idea was to bring students into direct contact with the work of several non-profits such as HOM by inviting them to develop projects that would likely be implemented by the organisations.



In our session, we invited a special speaker who discussed the several challenges he faced upon arrival in Europe so that the students could then select the aspects they would want to improve. Students focused mainly on the prejudice and myths hindering welcoming attitudes towards forced migrants and developed projects focus on building relationships and support networks. Is there anything better than food to bring people together?



Overall, it was a great time, with several important exchanges with young and active minds who hold the power to enact real change.