Refugee Week:
Celebrating the individuality of every single one

refugee week

“There are many refugees whose talent is wasted in the closed space of the camp, being away from school and not being supported”

Celebrating refugees is celebrating the resilience in their journey and their unique perspectives and abilities as individuals. This month, together with Rethinking Refugees, we wanted to get to know the stories beyond the tent and do an escape game activity as a means for cultural exchange. 

Stories Beyond the Tent

At a round table with refugees, we heard the personal experiences and perspectives of each one, showcasing the differences and similarities between each others’ paths and hardships. Most of all, we understood how important it is to be acknowledged and valued as more than a refugee.

There were some enlightening words spoken by refugees such as:

  • “I have a feeling of not belonging anywhere.”
  • “There is a language barrier problem. We just don’t speak your language. We’re not stupid.”
  • “Let me show you I can do what everyone else can do.”
  • “Most of the time people think that they can ask us whatever they want. Would you like to talk about your past trauma with a stranger?”

Escape Game Activity

You just got to a new country. Luckily, you have found a local guide that invites you to their home! Nima and Beni were the guides on an adventure through their homelands Iran and Afghanistan, where we got to discover these beautiful countries and some of their traditions.

escape game activity_afghanistan

Some of the iconic places we discovered were the Azadi Tower, in Iran, and the Gardens of Babur, in Afghanistan. 

Iran_Azadi Tower
Afghanistan_Gardens of Babur




We had the pleasure of having Arash Rafaat opening up the session for us!

Celebrating refugee week every week in every action

Equal rights. Equal opportunities. Equal respect. Equal friendships. Equal conversations. Equal value.

We’re equal. Act equal.